Tarred and Feathered Folk Session

The Tarred and Feathered Folk session is on in small lounge on first Monday of every month (even on Bank Holidays) and is open to all.

Session runs from 9pm to midnight.

We usually have a special guest every month and the guest for the June session is a fine duo from Scotland  - Hector Gilchrist and Liz Thompson – well known and highly regarded in the UK folk circuit.

The session has been associated with the club for many years and last February marked the fifteen years running and so far so good!

History of Tarred and Feathered

The Story of how it all began ……

The Session began as an idea in a discussion about how many guys, like us, who played a little guitar but had nowhere to go to play. We were members of the Grange Woodbine Residents Association and had been in the small lounge many times - this had been the original bar in the Centre.

We decided that along with our friends Michael Gannon, Lauri Grennell, Des Howett and Charlie Boles we could start a session, even if it meant sitting in a circle and trading songs for the night and paying the rent between us.

We decided on the first Monday of every month as it would be easier to remember, not realising how many of these were bank holidays - this went against us in the first few years, but not anymore.

Roughly based on the 1960`s and 1970`s Dublin folk clubs it caters for any and all music and sometimes poetry. Geared more for the amateur, we have had some professionals play such as Don Baker, Wally Page, Tony Boylan, Mick Hanly, Buddy Mondlock (Nashville), Tim Grimm (Indiana) and have featured on both Dublin City FM and Near FM. 

Initially we had no name - we considered " The Session", The Raheny Folk Club", "The New Universal Folk Centre", "Universal 2" but could not decide on a suitable title. Then one day Jimmy Boylan invited a guy called Gerry Maxwell to come to the session and, being shy he asked his son, Stuart to come with him. Stuart asked what kind of music was played and Gerry said "folk or country or something like that". Stuart declared that he would rather be "TARRED AND FEATHERED". When we heard that we knew we had no choice and so it became the Tarred and Feathered Folk Session.            Neither Gerry or Stuart have ever come.