The Grange Woodbine Residents Association dates from 1968 when the AGM was held to approve the formation of a residents Association representing the residents of the new Grange Road and Grange Park estates. At that time the Raheny Road was known as the Grange Road.


The two estates were built in the late 1960s and early 1970s. With over a thousand houses between the Grange and Woodbine estates it made sense to form one large association to represent the people who were making a new home for themselves north of Raheny village.


The early issues revolved around fixing minor problems with the builders. Later the association was involved in reducing the rateable valuation of the houses and the purchase of the ground rents.


Very early on there was general agreement that the residents should build a hall and rooms so that community activities could take place all year round. A number of sites were identified and eventually the site where the Community Centre now stands was agreed as the best choice. This site is in the middle of the two estates.


Collections were taken up with the intention of building the hall. Residents paid “half a crown” or two shillings and six pence and this was collected by a team of collectors headed up by the Assistant Treasurer. Eventually the residents put the money from the collections together with a loan from the bank and got a grant from Dublin City Council and work began on the building of the centre.


The foundation stone was laid in March 1977 by the Lord Mayor of Dublin. The building had its first event, the Christmas Bazaar, in December 1978 and the Grange Woodbine Variety Club staged their third pantomime there in January 1979. At that stage the centre consisted of a hall, toilets and a dressing room.


At the end of the 1990s a major redevelopment of the centre took place with the new lounge and bar being opened. New dressing rooms and meeting rooms were built.  The small lounge was also redeveloped and refurbished.


From its foundation the Grange Woodbine Residents Association took an interest in sporting and social events. During the period when there were huge numbers of children living in the estates there were 23 different social/sporting groups operating under the umbrella of the association.


More recently many groups have been formed for the senior citizens. These groups have proved very popular and large numbers of older people have enjoyed the many social events that have been organised. Sporting groups have organised 10 pin bowling and there is a very Active Retirement Association.

Information on all the groups currently linked with the Grange woodbine residence association and also groups using the GWRA facilities can be found on the Group Link at top of page